Nielsen Paradox 50

Designed for larger calibers. This damper is best suited for calibers such as: 7 mm Mag., 300 Mag., 9.3 x 62 and .375


Read more about weight, dimensions, maintenance and other recommendations in the tabs under the product – or in the banner at the top under “Instructions.”

Opgiv venligst pibe diameteren ved mundingen

Opgiv venligst pibe diameteren 10 cm fra mundingen

This silencer has a volume that is suitable for all standard and larger calibers. However, it is primarily targeted to magnum calibers.

Maximum Volume
This damper has the second largest volume in the Paradox series, and a high degree of attenuation. It can be used for standard calibers, but is targeted at magnum calibers. For standard calibers, we generally recommend Nielsen Paradox 45, which is a lighter damper with fine damping ability for calibers below magnum.

From caliber 30-06 and up, a Paradox 50 is starting to be a really good choice.

The steel cores
As is known from the Sonic series, Paradox dampers are also equipped with a steel core. The damper is therefore as solid and durable as possible. This core ensures that the damper can withstand the high temperatures that occur when firing many shots within a short period of time.

Caliber recommendation

When choosing your muffler, it is important that you choose a muffler that fits the caliber you are using. On the graphic you can see which calibers can be shot through the muffler, as well as how well the amount of gunpowder can be handled by the muffler.

Nielsen Paradox 50 is a muffler that caters to the larger calibers. Only at calibers like the .338 Lapua Magnum does a Nielsen Paradox 50 begin to face challenges.

Technical data

Weight: approx. 456 grams
Diameter: 50 mm
Length: 225 mm
Elongation of pipe: 125 mm
Maximum pipe thickness: 23 mm

In Denmark, all Nielsen Sonic silencers are covered by a 5-year total warranty, provided they are purchased directly from us, and the customer shows up at our production with both the silencer and the rifle it is mounted on.


Never shoot the pipe too hot. Feel free to give the muffler a puff WD40 or similar at the rear end before mounting and after disassembly. Especially if the muffler is used in humid weather.
Always allow the muffler to dry before placing it in storage.
Clean the muffler as needed, using only oil and a cloth. A ride on the shooting range where the muffler is shot moderately hot will also clean it of excess soot.
Avoid using alkaline cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners or brush and scrub cream.
If it is to remain possible to separate the muffler, it is recommended that you regularly separate all modules and apply a little new thread lubrication.


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