Hunt ammunition

Sonic Ballistic – Hunt ammunition is complete ammunition with our Sonic Ballistic Hunt projectiles.


Sonic Ballistic Hunt is fragmenting lead-free brass projectiles for hunting. The projectiles are made from pure brass. When the projectile hits the target, a stud is pressed into the tip of the projectile, which mechanically fragments into 4 pieces. The front of the projectile breaks into 3 defined fragments, or ‘wings’, which move in a controlled angle of 20 to 35 degress relative to the direction of the shot. The back of the projectile remains intact and behaves as a flatnosed projectile. That is, it keeps its direction and ensure through shot in almost all cases.

The result is that the wings of the projectile cuts wound canals and dramatically increases the chance of striking vital organs. Because the wings cut rather than push there is a reduced tendency to damage meat and a significant reduction in bruising. Therefore, we can offer both an increased efficacy of the projectile while also reducing meat damage and flee distance.

For large calibers such as .366 and up, our projectiles have 4 wings and thus fragment into 5 parts.

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