Spare parts & Accessories

Here you can find all accessories and spare parts for our products. Our goal is to make it as simple and safe as possible to find the correct part. Therefore, we have divded all accories into categories for each silncer model. This means that if you choose “Nielsen Sonic 45,” you will be able to see all parts that can fit a Nielsen Sonic 45 silener.

  1. Short or long telescopic part. Either for changng the thread or the length.
  2. Additional modules – a total of 10 can be mounted
  3. Recoilbrake Modules. Available for all models except SubSonics and Sonic 35
  4. Adapter parts for front mounting the silencer
  5. Special parts for mounting a sling or mirage band.

The parts can be used as spare parts in case of damage or loss, but also as accessories to upgrade an existing silencer. For instance, any Sonic 45 can be made front mounted by changing the telescopic back part to a front mounted back part.