SubSonic .17

The perfect front-mounted silencer for .17 calibers.

Opgiv venligst pibe diameteren ved mundingen

The perfect muffler for caliber.17
Most of the noise generated by firing a .17 caliber rifle comes from the impact of the bullet as the projectile moves through the air at high speed. To attenuate the gunpowder blast itself, you do not need a lot of silencer, and therefore this small and compact silencer is ideal for getting the most attenuation on your rifle for the least possible money, with a durable silencer.

Brass insert
To make the SubSonic 17 muffler extra durable against the amount of gunpowder in the .17 HMR and .17 Hornet, there is a special 1st module on the SubSonic .17 muffler. In this module is a brass insert which protects the aluminum parts from contact with flames from the gunpowder burning. This significantly increases the service life of the muffler.

Caliber recommendation

SubSonic 17 silencers are specifically made for .17 caliber and therefore only fit 4.5 mm projectiles.

In terms of gunpowder volume, a SubSonic 17 easily handles both .17 HMR and .17 Hornet.

Technical data

Weight: approx. 146 grams
Diameter: 35 mm
Length: 152 mm
Elongation of pipe: 152 mm

In Denmark, all Nielsen Sonic silencers are covered by a 5-year total warranty, provided they are purchased directly from us, and the customer shows up at our production with both the silencer and the rifle it is mounted on.


Never shoot the pipe too hot. Feel free to give the muffler a puff WD40 or similar at the rear end before mounting and after disassembly. Especially if the muffler is used in humid weather.
Always allow the muffler to dry before placing it in storage.
Clean the muffler as needed, using only oil and a cloth.
Avoid using alkaline cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners or brush and scrub cream.
If it is to remain possible to separate the muffler, it is recommended that you regularly separate all modules and apply a little new thread lubrication.


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