RecoilBrake module for Paradox 45

RecoilBrake module for Paradox 45

The module is inserted into the muffler, and provides a significantly increased recoil damping.

Using the rotatable shield, gases from the recoil brake module can send the gunpowder gases controlled out to the side. The narrowest piece on the shield, should point upwards, and the wide piece downwards. This counteracts a bit of the tendency to “jump”.

If the recoil brake module is added to a full-length muffler, the attenuation will increase slightly. If you remove 1 module, the attenuation for many calibers will be almost identical to the effect of a full-length silencer. The recoil brake module is approx. 5 cm long, and therefore extends a standard muffler from 12.5 cm forward mouth to 17.5 cm. If a module is removed, the total length ahead of the mouth will be about 15.8 cm.

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