Parts for Paradox 45

Here you will find all parts for Nielsen Paradox 45.

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  • 30 mm mount bushing


    30 mm mount bushing for mounts, for instance for holding IR lights. The mount can be screwed into the back end of all of our telescopic silencers. That is, any of our silencers that cover part of the barrel. As such, it is plug-and-play for almost all of our existing silencers.

  • Barrel Tuner for Paradox 45


    Barrel tuner for Nielsen Paradox 45.

    The barrel tuner is inserted into the muffler between the rear end and the front. It works by making it possible to shift the weight of the muffler and thereby modulate the oscillations of the pipe.

  • Collector for Paradox 45


    New assembly for Paradox 45 silencers

  • Complete front for Paradox 45


    A complete front for Nielsen Paradox 45 silencers. Consists of 5 modules and a lid.

  • Lid for Paradox 45


    New lid for Paradox 45 silencers

  • Maintenance kit


    The maintenance kit contains everything that is needed for regular maintenance of modular silencers.

    The cloth is purchased locally as recycled cloth from Danish Red Corss. The nitrile gloves are purchased from Danish ABENA. The oild is manufactured in Germany and the strap wrenches are purchased from the UK.

    The thread grease is the same we sell separately. It is also purchased from a Danish company.

  • Modules for Paradox 45


    Modules for Paradox 45 silencers

    NOTE: A maximum of 10 modules may be mounted on the muffler in total

  • Nielsen Paradox 45 Telescope rear


    New rear end for Nielsen Paradox 45 silencer. Fits with Paradox 45 front.

    To ensure perfect fit between the parts, a new assembly piece is also included.

  • Paste for threads


    Effective and heat-resistant paste for lubrication of threads in silencers. The paste remains soft and sealing even after long-term use. 5 mL in the syringe lasts for about 10 lubrications of all modules in a standard silencer.

  • RecoilBrake module for Paradox 45


    RecoilBrake module for Paradox 45

    The module is inserted into the muffler, and provides a significantly increased recoil damping.

  • Strap / Flicker strap holder for Paradox 45


    This part can replace the lid of a Paradox 45 muffler and allow mounting of flicker tape or strap. Pay special attention to the fact that when fitting a strap on the muffler, it is extra important that the support sleeve at the rear of the mufflers fits snugly to the diameter of the pipe. Otherwise the thread on the rifle and the muffler could be damaged.

  • Support bushing


    Fits all telescopic silencers we manufacture. For regular use the support bushing should be approx. 0,4 mm larger than the diameter of the barrel where the support bushing rests. When using a sling mount for Sonic 45 and Paradox 45 silencers, the support bushing should be a tighter fit, with only 0,1 – 0,2 mm air between barrel and support bushing.

    If in doubt, please simply select “14 mm” and write the diameter of your barrel at the appropriate distance from the muzzle (14 cm for Sonic 45/55, 10 cm for Paradox & Ghost, and 7 cm for Compact models) as a comment on check-out. Also include whether the silencer has a sling mount.

  • Thread protector


    Thread protectors to nearly all types of thread we manufacture our silencers with. You choose both the appropriate thread and the diameter of the thread protector when purchasing. Hereby the outer diameter of the thread protector can match that of the barrel.