Maintenance kit

The maintenance kit contains everything that is needed for regular maintenance of modular silencers.

The cloth is purchased locally as recycled cloth from Danish Red Corss. The nitrile gloves are purchased from Danish ABENA. The oild is manufactured in Germany and the strap wrenches are purchased from the UK.

The thread grease is the same we sell separately. It is also purchased from a Danish company.

Complete kit for maintenance of silencers.


  • A guide for cleaning and maintenance
  • 100 ml acid-free oil
  • 2 pcs. strap wrenches for separation of silencers of nearly all diameters.
  • 4 pc. 15 x 15 cm cloth for cleaning the silencer
  • 1 pc. cloth for covering the work surface – or added cloth for cleaning
  • 1 pcs. 5 ml thread paste
  • 4 pcs. CAT III nitrile gloves