Sonic Ballistic Hunt .252 – 86 grains / 50 pcs

86gr / 5.6 g – 50 pcs.

(.244 Halger magnum)

Our primary projectile is our Sonic Ballistic Hunt. The projectile is fragmentary and produced from pure brass. The basic construction of the projectile is a base with a drive belt which provides minimal friction in the barrel and thereby an extra high V0. The front of the projectile has breaking instructions and at the top is a brass spigot, which acts as a wedge.

When the projectile hits the target, the wedge is pressed into the projectiles and the front fragments into 3 defined pieces. These fragments move in a straight line at an angle of 20 – 30 degrees from the point of impact. The fragments make sure to open up as much as possible for bleeding in the animal, and the base of the projectile acts as a regular flat-nosed projectile, which ensures throughput in almost all shots. The result is efficient and humane killing of the animal, with minimal escape distance.


For 243 Win: RS60 gunpowder, min 41 gr / max 44 gr

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