Nielsen Sonic 55 Telescope rear

New rear end for Nielsen Sonic 55 muffler. Fits with Sonic 55 front.

To ensure perfect fit between the parts, a new assembly piece is also included.

Threads and Sizes

Metric Thread
Empty Found
Max size
M13x1 1/2 “x20 * Max 7
M14x1 * 1/2 “x28 * Max 8
M14x1,5 5/8 “x24 * Max 8.5
M15x1 * Max 9.5
M16x1 Max 0.30
M18x1 *

* These threads are available as a short 7 cm version

Our “Max size” is the maximum size caliber that the muffler can be used for.

Too large max size in relation to caliber, will mean significantly reduced efficiency for the muffler.

Caliber recommendation

When choosing your muffler, it is important that you choose a muffler that fits the caliber you are using. On the graphic you can see which calibers can be shot through the muffler, as well as how well the amount of gunpowder can be handled by the muffler.

Sonic 55 is the largest muffler we produce. It is aimed at the largest calibers and for those who want the best possible attenuation. A Sonic 55 handles both .338 Lapua Magnum and .375 Chey Tac without any problems.

Due to the large volume of a Sonic 55, it is not produced for 6 mm calibers. For maximum attenuation on these calibers, we refer to the Nielsen Paradox 50 silencer.

Technical data

Weight: approx. 710 grams
Diameter: 55 mm
Length: 295 mm
Elongation of pipe: 155 mm
Maximum pipe thickness: 23 mm

In Denmark, all Nielsen Sonic’s products are covered by a 5-year total warranty.

Never shoot the pipe too hot. If you shoot single shots, especially in humid weather, it can be an advantage to give a spray WD40 at the end of the damper.

– Clean as needed


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