Use of adapters

We do not recommend any use of adapters

There are many types of adapters. Typically they can be diveded in to catagories:

  1. Adapters that go from any threading to another. E.g. from M14x1 to M18x1
  2. Adapters that fit on a standard thread and then to a special threading.

For both types of adapters, the same risk applies that when introducing an adapter you are going from one mounting surface to two. Which means that you drasticly inrease the risk of introducing “crookedness” since you now have two threadings moving in comparison to each other. This also means that you now have to be aware which of the threadings you are actually screwing on/off.

If there is no way around using an adapter, we recommand that you get adapter glued stuck to the silencer to help mitigate the risk involved with adapter use.

To help avoid the use of adapters, we offer all of our products in a wide variety of different threadings, for exactly the reason to help in choosing to best solution possible, directly mounted on the barrel.