Nielsen Paradox 40

Designed for smaller calibers, this silencer is best suited for calibers such as: .223, .243, 6,5×55 and 7  mm


Opgiv venligst pibe diameteren ved mundingen

Opgiv venligst pibe diameteren 10 cm fra mundingen

This silencer has a volume the is suited for smaller standard calibers. It is not fit for use on magnum calibers.

A good choice for smaller and medium sized calibers.

This silencer has a volume that allows it to be utilized on most standard calibers. It is a good compromize between lightness and compactness. With this silencer we value lightness and compactness over maximal suppression on medium calibers.

In comparison with a Sonic 35, which has a partical caliber overlap with the Paradox 40, a Paradox 40 can handle barrel diameters up to 23 mm and offers significantly better suppression on medium calibers.

Steel core

As know from our Sonic silencers, the Paradox silencers are also equipped with a steel core. The silencer is therefore as solid and durable as possible. The steel core ensures that the silencer can withstand the high temperatures that arise from from making many shots in a short time frame.

Caliber recommendation

When choosing a silencer, it is important that you pick a silencer that fits the caliber you use. On the graphic you can see which calibers the silencer fits, and how well is handles gunpowder volume. Of course, the graphics is just a general guide.

Nielsen Paradox 40 is primarily focused on small and medium calibers. It can be used effectively up to .308, but from here the efficiency starts to diminish quickly.

Technical data


Weight: approx. 313 gram
Diameter: 40 mm
Length: 225 mm
Extension of barrel: 125 mm
Max barrel thickness: 23 mm


Warranty is according to local rules and is assumed by the dealer or distributor from whom it has been purchased. For any products purchased directly from us, we offer a 2-year warranty as described in our Terms & Conditions.

In Denmark we offer a full 5-year warranty, provided customers come to our manufacturing address with both rifle, ammunition and silencer.



    • Avoid shooting the barrel too hot. Give the silencer a light spray of WD40 or equivalent in the back end prior to mounting and after dismounting the silencer. Particularly in humid weather.
    • Always allow the silencer to dry-out thoroughly before placing it in storage.
    • Clean the silencer as needed. Use only oil and cloth. A trip to the shooting range where the silencer is shot medium hot is a good way to clear any excess gunpowder residue and soot.
    • Avoid the use of chemically basic cleaning agents, ultrasonic cleaners and brushes or scrubbing creams.
    • If the silencer is to remain separable, it is recommended to regularly disassemble the silencer and re-apply grease to the threads of the individual modules. Otherwise, modules will start to lock together over time. For our Sonic silencers this is not so much a problem due to the use of C-spanners. For all other silencers, we offer a set of strap wrenches to aid in disassembly.


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