Sonic Ghost

Lightweight multi-caliber silence
Sonic Ghost is a lightweight silencer in near pure aluminum, which affords a low weight. In addition, this silencer has a changeable caliber insert, which allows the silencer to be used optimally on multiple different calibers. Due to the design with a changeable insert, the Sonic Ghost silencers cannot be made longer or shorter; their length is fixed.
Adjustable caliber in two sizes
Sonic Ghost is available in two variants: Ghost 40 and Ghost 50. Both silencers have changeable caliber inserts appropriate for: 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm and 9,5 mm calibers. In addition, caliber inserts for .17, .30 and 8,5 mm calibers are available. By changing the caliber insert it is possible to always fit the size of the hole through the silencer to match the size of the projectiles being fired. Due to the relatively small internal volume of the Ghost 40 silencer, it will have a reduced effect on calibers with a gunpowder charge larger than a .308 Win. When using larger calibers, it is necessary to use a Ghost 50 to better contain larger volumes of gunpowder gasses.

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