Nielsen Paradox

Light and aesthetic silencer
The Nielsen Paradox silencers are a new innovation on our classic Nielsen Sonic silencers.

Paradox silencers cover only 10 cm of the barrel, they are glass blasted and have more rounded edges. By removing the notches for C-spanners, we have been able to reduce the weight by about 24 % compared to an equivalent Nielsen Sonic silencer. Notably, we have done so while retaining near same efficient sound and recoil suppression!
Different sizes for an optimal fit
Nielsen Paradox silencers are available in four different sizes. Each size is optimized for certain calibers, but have wide range. As for our Nielsen Sonic silencers, it is also possible to add or remove modules to our Nielsen Paradox silencers, allowing for maximal user customization. Hereby, it is possible to achieve the combination of increased weight and suppression to suit the individual shooter.

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  • Nielsen Paradox 40


    Designed for smaller calibers, this silencer is best suited for calibers such as: .223, .243, 6,5×55 and 7  mm


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