Hunt – the optimum choice

Hunt is our primary projectile intended for hunting. The basic constrution is similar to that of our other projectile, Semihunt. However, in Hunt, a brass wedge is inserted in the front of the projectile. This wedge serves three main purposes. The first purpose is that it greatly increased aerodynamics, which reduces drag and thereby results in a relatively greater velocity on longer distances. The second purpose is that, on impact, the wedge is mechanically pushed into the hollowpoint, thereby needing less force to fragment the front of the projectile. The third function of the wedge, is smooth and flawless magazine feeding, as the tip of the wedge prevents jamming in the magazine.
Hunt has a significantly longer effective range than projectiles such as Semihunt. This is because the projectile loses far less velocity in flight, combined with less required force for fragmentation, due to the wedge. Therefore, we recommend the use of Hunt projectiles for all distances, but believe that it is required for longer distances.
Like both Target and Semihunt, Hunt has a series of ribs around the body of the projectile. These ribs ensure a tight seal, preventing blow-by of the propellant gases behind the projectile, while minimizing the contact area between the barrel and the projectile. The ribs are quickly deformed, resulting in reduced friction between projectile and barrel. On the picture below this is clearly visible. It is displayed how the ribs are pushed away by the rifling, while the body of the projectile is largely untouched. This means that a relatively small portion of the surface of the projectile is in contact with the barrel and thus that friction is minimal.
The other half of the picture shows the backend of a Hunt projectile after the wings have broken off.

The wedge

This is a close-up of the wedge from Sonic Ballistic – Hunt. Like the rest of the projectile, this too is made of brass.
While the wedge is only a small part of the Hunt projectile, it is the primary cause of Hunt’s superior properties compared to hollowpoint projectiles such as Semihunt.