Sonic Ballistic

  • More speed, less friction and less fouling

    Compared with other ammunition Sonic Ballistic is able to achieve a higher speed, a lower starting pressure and far less friction

  • Lead-free projectiles

    In contrast to most other projectiles available, Sonic Ballistic is not cast or pressure-molded, but turned from brass on a highly precise CNC lathe. Therefore, there is only brass in the projectile.

  • Fully automated production; competetive prices

    Since we produce our projectiles through advanced CNC technology it is possible for us to produce the projectiles at a highly competetive price.

Fragmenting projectiles

Our primary hunting projectile, Sonic Ballistic – Hunt, is a hollowpoint projectile fitted with a brass wedge in the tip. The front of the projectile has three cut grooves down the side, or “wings”. On impact, the brass wedge is pushed into the hollowpoint and the projectile fragments into four parts. The three cut wings are released and travel in a 20 – 40 degree angle relative to the path of the projectile. This significantly increases the stopping power of the projectile, thus reducing the risk of wounding. The remaining part of the projectile continues into the game, with significant through-shot capability. Apart from Sonic Ballistic – Hunt, we also offer Sonic Ballistic – Target, a significantly cheaper projectile for practice, without fragmentation.

Below, you can read about our three projectiles individually.

Our two types

Sonic Ballistic – Hunt

Sonic Ballistic – Hunt is produced in a similar fashion as Semihunt, with one added step. In the Hunt projectile, a small brass wedge is inserted into the hollowpoint tip. This wedge ensures far better fragmentation, especially at lower velocities, which makes the Hunt projectile effective at significantly longer ranges than hollowpoint projectiles, such as the Semihunt.
Hunt has all the advantages of a regular pointed projectile, combined with a fragmenting front. On impact with game, the tip of the projectile opens up into 3 parts. The three front parts of the projectile breaks off and continues in a 20 – 40 degree angle, relative to the direction of the shot, and cause added tissue damage and creates wound-canals. The remaining back-end of the projectile has, despite its reduced residual-weight, and uncanny ability to ensure through-shot.
Due to the blunt tip of the wedge inserted into the front of the Hunt projectile, Hunt does not experience complications when used in magazines.

Hunt details

Sonic Ballistic – Target

Sonic Ballistic – Target is made from brass. In contrast to our other projectiles, Semihunt and Hunt, Target does not have cut wings along its front. This projectile is produced primarily for target practice and thus fragmentation of the tip is not relevant. The reduced machining time means that Target can be sold significantly cheaper than our other projectiles, which are made for hunting.

Target details