Sonic 45

This suppressor has the volume needed to make a recommended suppression for almost all calibers. Which makes it a popular choice among our costumers.


All Round

The volume of this suppressor is suitable for most common calibers. We call it the “All Round” model.

Stainless Steel core

In order to make this suppressor as robust and durable as possible, we have fitted it with a stainless steel core. This ensures that the Sonic 45 is not affected by the high temperatures that arise when multiple shoots are fired within a short period of time.


Caliber recommendation

It is important to match suppressor volume with rifle cartridge, see table for our recommendations.


When choosing a Sonic 45 you are able to customize it to fit your needs. A standard Sonic 45 is equipped with 5 modules, which is the recommended amount but if you want better suppression you are always able to order extra modules.


Color choice

Sonic 45 is produced in four different colors silver, orange, blue and black. The orange color is reserved by the danish “swiss hound handlers” who help track injured animals in Denmark. They are able to buy this model at a discounted price in gratitude for their services.


Sling mount

With this Sling Swivel top it is possible to mount your sling directly your Sonic 45.


mirage shields mount

We have developed a mirage shield mount for those who often visit the shooting range. You simply change the front of your Sonic 45 to this mount, and can now attach your mirage shield to the front of your Sonic 45 suppressor.



Weight: approx. 480 grams
Diameter: 45mm
Length: 265 mm
Added length to weapon: 125mm


Warranty according to local legislation. If applicable, this warranty is provided by the local in-country distributor and this distributor provides local service for your device.


Never overheat the gun barrel. If you only fire a single shot, particularly in humid weather, it is always a good idea to spray WD40 into the end of the suppressor.