Nielsen Paradox 50

This silencer will fit almost all calibers. It is intended for magnum calibers.


Maximal volume

The Paradox 50 is our largest Paradox suppressor. It has the largest volume and the highest degree of suppression. It can be used for standard calibers, but for optimal weight/suppression ratio we recommend using it for magnum calibers exclusively.

Two variants

We offer the Paradox 50 in two versions. A standard sized silencer and a slightly longer and heavier variant. The larger variant is for large magnum calibers.

Steel core

Similarly to the Sonic range of silencers the Paradox also has a steel core. Because of this the silencer is as durable as possible. The steel core protects the aluminum parts of the silencer form the high temperatures associated with a high rate of fire


Caliber recommendations

This fitting guide shows our silencers in relation to a set of standard calibers. If there is any doubt, always consult your distributor or Contact Us.

Technical data


Weight: ca. 456 / 479 gram

Diameter: 50 mm

Length: 225 / 265 mm
Extenstion of barrel: 125 mm
Max barrel diameter: 23 mm


Warranty according to local legislation. If applicable, this warranty is provided by the local in-country distributor and this distributor provides local service for your device.


Never overheat the gun barrel. If you only fire a single shot, particularly in humid weather, it is always a good idea to spray WD40 into the end of the suppressor.