Nielsen Paradox 40

This silencer has a volume that suits most standard calibers. It is not fit for magnum calibers.


A good choice for small and middle-sized calibers

A Paradox 40 has a volume that can be used by most standard calibers. It is a good compromise between lightness and compactness. For middle-sized calibers, this silencer offers maximal lightness and compactness at the cost of maximal suppression.

  • Light and compact
  • Good suppression on smaller calibers
  • Moderate suppression on middle-sized calibers

Steel core

Similarly to the Sonic range of silencers the Paradox also has a steel core. Because of this the silencer is as durable as possible. The steel core protects the aluminum parts of the silencer form the high temperatures associated with a high rate of fire


Caliber recommendations

This fitting guide shows our silencers in relation to a set of standard calibers. If there is any doubt, always consult your distributor or Contact Us.

Technical data


Weight: ca. 313 gram

Diameter: 40 mm

Length: 225 mm
Extension of barrel: 125 mm
Max barrel diameter: 23 mm


Warranty according to local legislation. If applicable, this warranty is provided by the local in-country distributor and this distributor provides local service for your device.


Never overheat the gun barrel. If you only fire a single shot, particularly in humid weather, it is always a good idea to spray WD40 into the end of the suppressor.