Ghost 40

Sonic Ghost 40 is one of our lightweight series suppressors. It is made out of high-strength aluminum to keep weight at a minimum. This suppressor is recommended for cartridges with powder charges up to 308Win equivalent.


Multiple calibers

Four different colored inserts come with each Ghost suppressor. Each insert has a different diameter to match different calibers.
By turning the lid off the suppressor you can easily change the insert and thus use the suppressor on multiple calibers and/or rifles.

  • Max 6mm
  • Max 7mm
  • Max 8mm
  • Max 9,5mm

low weight

In order to keep the weight as low as possible, the suppressor has been made from high strength aluminum. As a result it features a large volume in combination with low weight.

Because the caliber inserts are made from pure aluminum, it is important to let the silencer cool off after about 10 - 20 shots. Depending on the specific caliber the silencer is used on.


Like any other lightweight suppressor on the market, we have used less and lighter material to make the suppressor as light and handy as possible. This makes it handier and more comfortable to have equipped, but it can also have its limitations when firing large series of shots. We recommend that you do not fire more than 10 to 25 shots in a row before cooling the suppressor depending on caliber.


Caliber recommendation

It is important to match suppressor volume with rifle cartridge.

You should therefore select a suppressor suitable for the largest cartridge to be used with the multiple-caliber Ghost models.

Changing insert

Changing insert in order to use your Ghost suppressor with a different caliber is easy. The current insert is held in place as the lid is threaded and tightened onto the suppressor front. So the color indexed inserts can be replaced once the lid is removed. With the new insert in place, simply tighten the lid on the suppressor again and the Ghost suppressor is reconfigured for use with a different caliber.

Technical data


Weight: ca. 300 grams
Diameter: 40 mm
Length: 250 mm
Added length to weapon:  140mm


Warranty according to local legislation. If applicable, this warranty is provided by the local in-country distributor and this distributor provides local service for your device.


Never overheat the gun barrel. If you only fire a single shot, particularly in humid weather, it is always a good idea to spray WD40 into the end of the suppressor.